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28 thoughts on “NEW ACTIVEWEAR HAUL | Camo & True Collection – Women's Best Review

  1. I like the grey camo outfit (bra, leggings and crop top) and the grey hoodie.

  2. Sooo no one’s gonna talk about the fact they literally copied gymshark’s camo collection 😴

  3. I loved you in everything 😍 you are a living DOLL ❤️ please keep the videos coming ❤️ stay safe ❤️ LOVE your channel ❤️!!!

  4. Why do you have to bend your legs every time, just stand up staright, God damn.

  5. Favourite youtuber, quick question, how many times, should I train my glutes per week?

  6. Can not wait to buy the black camo shorts and sports-bra, plus the grey hoodie!! look uber comfy! Shame the cat isn't included 😉

  7. All of it… it really look so good on you… ❤🍑🥠

  8. I love them all make your butt look so good not on no gay stuff but I was okkkk let my check out her butt videoooooosssss lol 😂😂😂😂

  9. Sad that mainstream clothing companies don’t cater to shorties! I am 5’1 and wear size M pants but those leggings will probably be too long for me.

  10. That reflection in the mirror got my eyes crossed up 🤩🤩😛😂

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