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Summer is approaching, spring is here!! comment “golden” if you’re reading this 😜 I hope you guys like this try on haul! Im working on listing all the items for now here are the stores

Shay Romper berry Size S
Reagan lace up skirt camel size S
Camryn lace up skirt blue size S
Start Your Engine Top – Black/White
Poppin My Gum Set – Pink
Don’t Take It Personal Set – White
Selena dress mauve size S
Cape Drop Shoulder Crop Hoodie – Black
Ribbed Flounced Tube Top – Red S
Cropped Smocked Tank Top – Light Purple S
Heart Halter Crop Top – Pink S
Mesh Striped Off Shoulder Two Piece Set – Pink S
High Cut Contrast Piping Bikini Set – Navy M
Knotted Scoop Bikini Top And Bottoms – Red M
Bralette Crochet Panel Lace Up Bikini Set – Pink S
Contrast Piping Padded Bralette Bikini Set – Red M
Spotted Padded Thong Bikini Set – Brown S
Front Knotted Spotted Bikini Set
Leopard Print High Cut Bikini Set
Nelson Pereira
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22 thoughts on “This Was Embarrassing… | LANE BRYANT CACIQUE Bra Try-On Haul + Overall Experience (PLUS SIZE)

  1. Wow! I just discovered your videos and wanted to say thank you!! I also have the same problem with bras and it is so hard to find a good fit. I have found a few at Torrid that work but I DREAD bra shopping. I appreciate your honesty on it all. You’re beautiful. Thank you!

  2. 45 yr old here….love whatever shape you have bc you will remember them fondly after gravity gets them 🙂 BTW Nursing sucks all the ‘stuffing’ out of ‘um but you get a healthy baby as the trade off 🤪

  3. Girl omg I had the same experience this past week!!! I measured myself 2 different ways and it said I was a DDD…. There's no way! So I got a D… And they fit exactly like yours.. maybe even bigger!!!

  4. you should have tried their true embrace bras. the sides and backs are soft and stretchy instead of mesh. i can wear them the entire day and have accidentally slept in them because they are that comfortable.

  5. Go in & get fitted, it will change you boob life. I do recommend going to a specialty store even if the bras are expensive they know how to fit you and your boobs. The information you'll leave with will be invaluable and you'll be able to apply it to any bra from anywhere. To me this is a miracle however you will not be expected to make a purchase. CC cup size depending on bra the fit in the style and fabric you choose. I think you and I are boob sisters I've had the same problem for my entire life.

  6. My experience finding a bra that fit was pure hell . The playters one they are always too big and I got big ones and then I found the brand curvation and the angels spoke to me finally. Mine have to be no wires

  7. Thank you for bringing us along in your journey to find the perfect bra for you. I'm always curious about what other brands have to offer. I currently use essential bodywear the Abbie bra. My problem is that it bows out to the side cause I'm often a little TOO full. But this brand really keeps them front and center. I wonder if they'd have a solution for you as well. Hmm. I saw some other comments that had mentioned to not go full coverage, I'd definitely muster up the courage to run to a store to try them on just so it doesnt take forever to order, pay, wait for shipping then to be disappointed and send them back. (But I'm very impatient!)
    Thank you again for the video! I love seeing you try on clothes and what you think of them, as a midwesterner myself I think our fashion sense aligns

  8. I highly recommend Elomi bras! Best fitting bra I’ve ever worn, sized well and very supportive !

    I know COVID is ruining everything, but I HIGHLY recommend you go to a Nordstrom to get sized. That was the best experience I’ve ever had, they have a variety of bras for different boob types!

  9. I have big boobs but I'm 55 and lets just say gravity does work. lol. Anyway back to bras. I have to get a 44 DD. Big as mine are they just kind of disappear in a DDD cup. The reason I know this is I have one DDD that I got for 5 bucks at Walmart one time so I decided even if it isn't perfect it will work for that price. I wear it a lot when I want to be really comfy but it is just to much cup. lol. I find the Dream Fit t shirt bras at Walmart really comfy and fit well. Last 2 I got were in a 42 DD and I got them on sale for 5 bucks. Luckily I put one away so I have a brand new one still. I have also had Playtex 18 hour in the past that were comfy and fit well which I also picked up at Walmart. Good luck on your bra journey…

  10. Hey girl!! Size 1-2 cups down. That’s what I have to do with ALL lane Bryant bras. I am also low boob heavy. Sizing down a cup got rid of the gap problem and added support for me.

  11. I'm just getting to your video, im considered plus size, 5 foot tall, 173. But OMG i Can Never find a bra that fits my boobs are the same as yours bottom heavy lol. And I always have that gap at top, my husband doesn't understand why it takes so long to fine just one dang bra to fit.

  12. I have this problem with bras too I thought I was only one I was feeling like the only female who struggled with this !! My boobs neve fit the fuller part and its just too much coverage left 😟 also that doesnt seem like your xuo size I'd go down a few and dont get full coverage I hope you can find the right fitting bra for you that supports and looks/feels comfortable to your liking ❤I know the struggle hun 😩

  13. 44C would’ve fit you perfect. The cups are just too large that’s all. It’s all about finding a brand that sells bras your BOOB shape and I have a similar shape to yours so I know how you feel! Their bras will fit your boob shape if you get smaller cups, please try again, trust me cuz I tried soo many before I found theirs and they fit that shape

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