48 thoughts on “huge summer try-on bikini haul 2019!! zaful

  1. I just watched your video "a day in the life" and I thought it was really cool. Your penmanship is excellent in my opinion. I always wondered what it would be like to attend college, especially YALE or HARVARD and you gave me a glimpse into dorm life-it's pretty cool! You're lucky you get to attend there. Bikinis: you look really good/cute/beautiful in your bikinis. Best of luck to you in your career and life.

  2. Thank you for loving Korea culture! Im really happy as a Korean. I didnt know our culture is well known to other countries😊

  3. quick question, wat're bikinis u won't wear? (*in terms of style, color, design, etc.)

    P.S., that second to the last one (*multi-color stripes) is like something out of the 60's bikini style/fashion!

  4. Wow most beautiful and fantastic good looking very pretty with out make up original condition and naturally beautiful queen looking like as a moon take care best of luck God bless you I love you so much my dear always happy and a smile and don't to be angry with me

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