38 thoughts on “Hottest bikini brand of 2020!? | brswimwear try on haul!

  1. Sorry Dare I lost the plot couldn't concentrate just think you're the Greatest 💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💘💘💘💘💘 concentrating now so the tiger pattern grrrr🐅

  2. Looking gorgeous as always! My favorites were the pink camouflage one and the white and black polka dotted one that immediately followed it. I love skimpy bikinis but I like ones that still look sturdy enough to stay in place, and those two were the ones that fit that bill.

  3. You created a pain in me when you started this video in a pure white, stretchy t-shirt/playera. And THEN you wore multiple incredibly perfect and tiny string bikinis. Your body is so good that it is no surprise you win so many contests. Thank you Dare!

  4. I always wonder how I'm supposed to respond to videos like these because she asked for a response in the video. I have opinions and something to say, but when I scroll to the comments it seems like they are all "They all look great" durp. Then I just don't comment at all. I will say I'm glad you didn't fall down.

  5. I liked the cut of the first one's best, they colors of the tie-dye one best, and the warmed up modeling of the last one the best if you could blend the cut from the first, the colors of the second and the modeling of the third…

  6. The Neapolitan is cute. I like that the bottom is a bit narrower and allows some skin between the hip line and bikini bottom to show a touch of pelvis.

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