Zaful Bikini Haul AGAIN YES | Affordable bikinis

Hello my loves! Live from Spain here with another bathing suit haul! I promise I only have one more this summer! Maybe…. HAHAHA Zaful is my favorite online …


24 thoughts on “HUGE ZARA TRY ON HAUL! | Immie and Kirra

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  2. I can't believe you're twins😱 you're gorgeous darlings.😍🤗 and the Zara outfits are wonderful👏

  3. The white dress looks stunning. Keep it ! I bought it because of you guys ❤️

  4. You guys should do a Princess Polly or Pretty little thing try on haul, You guys are so fun to watch.

  5. I search the first top green and black .…… what is the shop please girl ???

  6. Loved this video! Also thanks for the Zara kids section recommendation. I'm definitely going to try it out 😂

  7. I love the blue and purple dress! Does it show off the underwear you wear? Because I have this problem with these dresses!

  8. immie i have a similar body type to you (petite but with a bigger chest) i have found it hard to find clothes that fit my chest and the rest of my body and are flattering i would really appreciate if you made a video on advice or how you style clothes with your body type please xx

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  10. I adore your channel girls 🥰 and I actually love the kids skirt the most. Looks lush with Blonde hair 😍 I’m gonna purchase 💋❤️

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