Wicked Weasel Sexy Clothing Try On Haul Video: Dresses, Mini Shorts, Tank Tops & See Through Pants!

Watch Phoebe & Jemma in this new try on haul video! Love Wicked Weasel’s sexy bikinis, lingerie and clothing? Snatch your own up here: http://go.wickedweasel.com/sexy clothing-haul

Wicked Weasel isn’t just about bikinis and lingerie. ‘Cause we want you to look and feel good all the time! Check out the sexy dresses, mini shorts, tank tops & see-through pants featured in this Wicked Weasel try on haul video.

Join these Phoebe and Jemma as they try on different Wicked Weasel sexy pieces! Plus… hear their honest reviews about each and every piece of clothing mentioned in this Wicked Weasel try on haul video.

Tell us, what’s your favorite piece in this try on haul video? Who’s the lucky one who you will be gifting with Wicked Weasel? We want to hear from YOU! Comment down below your thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

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Spy the NEW Beach Babe Top & Shorts in white and black in this Wicked Weasel try on haul video? The top is very stylish and versatile! You can wear it many, many ways. Definitely, a must-have! Check out here:


Want to snatch yourself some Wicked Weasel?

Check out your complete guide of all the sexy Wicked Weasel pieces featured in this try on haul video:

Cotton Casual Pack includes the Soft Cotton 936 Top & Loose Fit 518 Shorts


Calypso Pants

Sahara Dress & Crop Top

Electric Palms Bikini

Polka Dot Dress

Heartbreaker Top

Soft Lycra Top & Booty Shorts

Margarita 5919 Dress

Nymph 928 Top

Phoebe wears X-Small (bikini bottoms) and Medium (bikini top).

Height: 5’1/ 156
Bust: 34/86
Waist: 25.5/65
Hips: 33/84.5 (in/cm)

Jemma wears X-Small.

Height: 5’4/167
Bust: 32.5/82.5
Waist: 24/61
Hips: 35/89 (in/cm)



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