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Wantable fitness edit #8 – Winter Edit 2019
Take a look at my most recent fitness unboxing try-on haul & review. Legging, tanks and more… should I keep them all?
(Maybe I really want to.. check in to find out? ♥ )

Come see what we got, and watch us breakdown each piece, and see if our stylist nailed it; or missed the mark.

This Month’s Box:
Drapey V-Back – Onzie – $49
Essential Legging – Beyond Yoga – $88
Hi Neck Tank – Interval – $39
Locker Room Pullover – Alternative Apparel – $42
Tie Back Dolman – Glyder – $64
Stripe 7/8 – Central Park Sport – $59
Chic Bra Navy – Onzie – $39

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Thanks for tuning in!
We are having so much fun with all these unboxings.. so glad you are along for the ride!

Check out what I wore and let me know what you think!

Gosh.. I love this stuff!

Let me know what you think!

hope you enjoy! thanks for watching! xo

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47 thoughts on “My Biggest BUFFBUNNY COLLECTION Haul Yet! | Hannah Garske

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  2. Hey Hannah!These pattern leggings are look cute in you!!😍Do you know bubblelime?They're crazy hot on amz now!😂Can you please review bubblelime leggings?

  3. Hi hannah you are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful love every think you try on.
    You are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥hot

  4. Miss Hannah you always look so beautiful and amazing in all of your try on. I have so much respect for you because you have respect for your self. Not many ladies are like you. Thank you for being yourself

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