Vitae Apparel TRY ON HAUL | Activewear Review

Buon Pomeriggio! I’m so excited for this video! All sports bras and leggings are linked down below for you to shop online. Remember to use the code bellafituk15 for 15% off at!

They were all in size M:
– Baby Blue Bra:
– Baby Blue Leggings:
– Black Bra:
– Sage Leggings:
– Mustard Bra:
– Black Shorts:

My measurements:
– 1.64m height (5.4 foot)
– 90cm chest
– 73cm waist
– 103cm glutes


Ciao! I am Isabella, an always-hungry, always-stressing Italian living in the UK with a passion for weightlifting and booty gains. I hope you like my content and please feel free to give me and others any constructive, positive, well-intended tips.

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Please note that I have not (yet) got a PT certificate or any other qualifications, and my videos are not intended to be used as a replacement of a professionally constructed fitness plan, but rather as a motivation and inspiration to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Black Lives Matter. Always.

Educational sources:
– 13th on Netflix (very impactful documentary, absolutely worth watching)
– When They See Us on Netflix (based on the true case of 1989’s Central Park Five, when five black teenagers from New York were convicted of a brutal rape case they did not commit)


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