27 thoughts on “😻 SAVAGE X FENTY Sexy Summer Lingerie Try On Haul | The most comfortable bra and thong ever!

  1. It’s so disgusting how so many horny men come to these videos just to see women in their bra and panties. I love your reviews on the set, but damn do the comments disgust me..

  2. Oh Destiny….you're definitely most beautiful, sweet and sexy girl I've ever seen.  Just be-ee-ayyy-uuuuteefull!  😀

  3. I was never confident about my body, bt seeing this gave me a lot of confidence coz i kind of have stretch marks on my butt and we kinda have the same body type…… Bikini here I come 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Thank you so muxh. I was looking for a review from someone with my skin tone because i wanted to get a nude color but i wasnt sure which one would match ❤❤❤

  5. Love handles where? You look great honey!!! Gorgeous! You made all of those colors pop too! I just received my order of Savagexfenty and Riri did her thang!!!! 🌹

  6. Dont kno how i got here …but for my first time watching u i must say u are very cute n mature about ur style…looks great i will surely check out more from u😍😍😉😉

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