37 thoughts on “VALENTINE'S DAY LINGERIE TRY ON HAUL | Lounge Underwear

  1. Now all that’s left is for YouTube to monetize this video cause I’m all covered up b Simone voice 🌚

    Which set is your favorite? 👀

  2. red is my fave color and pink is second so I liked the mesh one's best then the green one mmm mmm and why you covering this chocolate areola's 🤔 and why you not showing that big beautiful black bubble asssssss mmmm mmmm I wanna see more of you and your body uncovered bb and keep the nipples free 🤗 😘

  3. 🔥 🔥 🔥 gotta move them hands next time so we can get the full effect.. 👀

  4. You are super hot the only thing I'm disappointed in as I didn't get to see your booty hardly at all and this video come on

  5. this girl is wow
    with a body like that no matter which lingerie u wear

  6. Congratulations for the good job with the try on haul, but unfortunately it is not useful at all….You must show more your of your back and bottom part of your body, so this way we can evaluate more precisely the lingerie used on the video….Really sorry, but I disliked the video, because it is not informative to me.

  7. You look amazing in all of them.😍 would love to see how they look in the back though 😋

  8. Some women can only dream of having a nice chest like yours. You don't have a small chest and perfect for your frame.

  9. Sis please do a look book!🤗 you’re clothes are so bomb and I just know the fits would be bomb too!

  10. Danggggg ok sis is a whole hottie😍😍😍😍😍I’m jealous I want her bodyyyyy😩😩🤩

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