32 thoughts on “TRY ON HAUL | SHE TRIES | Aedyn Tries Dresses

  1. Aedyn, I think you look beautiful in any dress you have on. Aedyn, you have a nice personality, a nice smile and awesome legs. I love the dresses at 0:33, 3:43, 5:05, 6:07 and 6:55. The outfit at 3:43 was really sexy, I loved that one. Thank you for sharing, have a good day! (hugs & kisses)

  2. Well I wanna start with some questions, for example, is she really tall or the camera was in a weird position because her head was almost out of shot most of the time, and I could hear her breathing very hard, so that threw me off sometimes; also what did she mean on that whisper "estoy muy caliente"? haha that was funny but let me puzzled. Regarding the modeling topic, I wanna say she's got a very good attitude and charm but has to work on her posing, because just one side is not enough I think. Finally, I liked the last one, was like the best fitting it seems.

  3. Aedyn you look really beautiful in that first one you started the video with. Aedyn the itchy black one I think the skirt part is sexy! 2:34 It's sexy! 2:52 That's Aedyn! She's pretty! 3:43 WHO WHEE!! That's short! You have great legs, Aedyn! The top is probably okay. The skirt color is really pretty. 4:09 But yeah I see it's embarrassing I mean maybe it would work at a festival because they get extra at those. 4:56 look pretty and sexy in this! 6:02 really very pretty 6:51 SEXXXXXXXY!!! 6:54 exactly!! 6:59 yes 7:23 You look really πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯in this!!! 8:11 Aedyn I'm HONKING A LOT!! I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯AND SEXXXXXXXY AND CUTE TOO!! YES UNLYSHD PLEASE HAVE HER MODEL AGAIN! SHE'S FUNNY AND BEAUTIFUL AND SO SEXY AND PRETTY!!

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