#tryon #haul #clothes Try on Haul Tank Dress #tankdress #summer #2020

#tryon #haul #clothes Try on Haul Tank Dress #tankdress #summer #2020

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33 thoughts on “SEX TOY REVIEW & HAUL!

  1. I have questions about your channel. Is there a way I can contact you privately? I promise I am not some weird stalker person I need some legitimate info and I am pretty sure you can give me some assistance. If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time & consideration.

  2. I remember when my mom found one my toys after she cleaned my room (I was like 16/17, she’s a neat freak and my room was horrible lol) and in the note she wrote me she was like “now I know why you don’t want me to clean your room, don’t worry it that stuff it’s healthy and fun ;)” and I wanted to die

  3. I have a butt plug from Edenfantasys,but i want to take something new and i can't decide, take a dildo or a vibrator… What is better ,some opinions?

  4. You're rather remarkable with your candor and zeal. So lovely and fun. It would be very compelling for you to describe your experiences with each of the products after you've tested them. You could have a separate channel devoted to that, even. I'm sure your views would soar. I recommend a slightly wider shot, more alluring outfits, and slow down! You talk soooo fast! Keep them coming (so to speak)!

  5. I'm so glad that you're open about all of this and make these types of videos because it's hard for an inexperienced and/or shy person to ask these types of questions. I like having the insight that you give so yes, please keep the series going. Thanks, you're the best.

  6. LOL! when you said "seated lady" I thought you said "seeded lady" as in a pregnant lady and I was a bit confused, lol. but great video, I enjoy your videos so much! keep it up!

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