welcome to the second most extra shoe haul on YouTube lol. TA-DA: I’M TRYING ON ALL MY SHOES! I love shopping, but my biggest love of all has always …


22 thoughts on “Mini Shoe Haul & 3 Outfit of the nights!

  1. Your so gorgeous !! I love all the outfits. My personal favorite shoes have to be the pink neon and the black!!!!!

  2. it seems like you've gained more weight! def NOT a bad thing. gorgeous as always

  3. UR SO PRETTY GIRL….could u do an advice vid on how to wear heels more comfortably, n or tips n tricks on making them hurt less? would appreciate any help, thanks =)

  4. you said it, 2 kids will give you that body, ask her how much chasing she has done/does with her kids 🙂

  5. hehe…i am the first one who comment:-)nice as always..but just tell me how you are the mother of 2 kids with this body..ahhh

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