32 thoughts on “Sexy Christmas Haul! Lingerie (Try On) + Toys | Melanie Murphy – ad

  1. Fantastic recommendations and thanks so much for your candid and genuine advice, very refreshing! Also, I sure hope you have videos on your gorgeous make up and nails, you look so elegant!

  2. I personally dislike the concept of 'wearing sexy lingerie simply for yourself' mainly because I feel like by buying products from an industry that built up so many restrictive beauty standards to capitalize on women's insecurities shouldn't be the solution to the much deeper lying issue of having to deal with the body you have and the expectations and gazes laid upon it

    (Also I think most of these items were probably made by women in unsafe working conditions and a better option would be to invest in longliving organic cotton panties without to much dye or itchy decorations on it to give the area air to breath)

  3. I love how women are becoming more sex positive ! Myself I’m not sadly 🙁 but I want to be I just think it’s a confidence thing that I feel like I can’t look sexy because I’m a big girl and very insecure about the way I love in underwear .. plus wearing stuff like this I think my fiancé would like it but we’re both those type of people who have to much awkward laughing instead of just trying new things … it’s bloody annoying lmao 🤣

  4. THE FIRST TOY- That sex and the city scene where Samantha goes in to return the toy to the store and then is told it's a back massager ! Haha

    PS HAVE YOU TRIED THE WOMANISER ? Apparently it is the BEST

  5. I love the sex toy reviews you and Stef Sanjati do. I’ve never actually used one myself (I quite love my hands and soft skin against skin), but some of the clitoral vibrators do intrigue me. However, my favourite part of these vids is always the lingerie. I’ve not had a sexual or romantic partner in 15 years (I’m not an easy woman to impress and it takes a particular kind of man to get my attention), but I LOVE wearing sexy underthings just for myself. Of course, even at nearly 42 years of age, I also just love being naked because, quite frankly, I love every soft, squishy, jiggly inch of my body.

  6. your sex positivity and bisexuality video's are why i subscribed to you in the first place (i've stuck around for all of your other content as well, obviously) so it's always great to see you've made more! i wish i could buy all of this, honestly!

  7. Sooo I just want to ask something, cause I remember you wanted to teach someday? I was just wondering how you are going to deal with the fact that your students/pupils can watch these sort of intimate videos of you online (not only lingerie videos, but everything else as well)… I am wondering because I am studying to become a teacher as well, and that is honestly the reason why I've been putting off making my own youtube channel 🙁 I'd really love your point of view on this 💚💚💚

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