27 thoughts on “Sick girl does Activewear Haul | Echt Apparel & Gymshark

  1. The high waisted leggings make your torso look small and I think it is flattering to your figure. But the pink goes so perfectly with your complexion and hair I absolutely love that look.

    I also think you shouldn't be dissuaded by having so many guys watching your videos embracing it will only help your overall growth and we all love you and support you, guys are just a bit too direct with the anonymity of the internet.

  2. Well, everything you use is fine since you have that body, that leg, long, what is not good is sewing on the back, I do not know if it will be the fashion, they want to impose, but in the black color it shows, so much that seam, and come on, do not loosen, with the channel, I follow you.

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