1. Can't explain in words how much I love ur videos 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  2. Loveee u krithika diiii u have a best fashion sense aroundd😍😍😘😘😘

  3. best shopping haul so faaaarrrr …..collections are just fav ..i am dying to buy all these
    right nowww………… :*

  4. I really love that pink dress…actually you looks like a doll 😚😚

  5. Such a cool collection 😍😍 all d outfits looks amazing on you perfct dresses .. !!❤

  6. Heyy i am from Pakistan.. i really like you and your sister 😘😘😘 seriously you are my fav❤ i wish we could meet.. please visit Pakistan… lots of love❤😍😍😍😍

  7. Hey kritika di.
    I just love youu and you are simply amazing.
    I adore you💛
    Bdw I think I randomly saw you in preet vihar(Madhuban Enclave).
    Do you reside there?

  8. hi kritika i must say u r a very vibrant person with a beautiful soul that shines out ! ur videos r so raw n natural n thats the beauty of it! loads of power n luck to u! god bless

  9. Man..nyc video stil dat sound at da midl f da video while the price hit da scren realy ringz ua head..kindly set sm otha sound fa it..othrwze 👍..

  10. The best part about your videos are that you mention the name and PRICE of the product !!!💟💟💟 Love u

  11. hey kritika I m poonam your my idol for fashion…… really ur Soo good when ever it going to come Mumbai plzzzz let us know plzzzz humble request it's my dream to meet…. love you alot…………..

  12. We all know about the Asifa Rape Case. But what are we doing about it? Everyday, rapes are continuously happening and SO MANY don't get reported. Why are we letting it happen in the first place? Death Penalty is the only punishment.
    Can we hold a Marathon just to raise funds and awareness for the rape victims and donate it to a good NGO?

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