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Hey y’all! It’s Alex and you are watching Peach Perfect. Thanks so much for tuning in. So today I have got a review from an amazing company called Dress Lily. I’m going to be reviewing some bikinis. I’ve got a couple more bikinis, I’ve got some like lingerie and I’ve actually got like a little romper and like a little tank tops to a bunch of different things. And I’m going to be reviewing today, trying on, before I jump into the details on all of this, a couple of reminders on my normal reminders. One, if you are new to the channel, welcome, definitely subscribe. I’ve got a lot of really awesome videos coming up with a lot of amazing different companies too. I do have an Amazon wishlist. I have been getting some DMs and some messages in regards to the Amazon wishlist not working. I don’t know what was going on, but I have contacted Amazon and I think that we have worked out the kinks on that.
There were a couple of unchecked boxes that should have been checked. So hopefully that is all settled. So sorry. Got a hair on me. So hopefully that should be settled. Thank you to everyone that has reached out that is trying to get something. I’m so sorry that it’s been an inconvenience, but hopefully that glitch has been fixed. And three, I do have a Patreon account, so if there is a more exclusive side of me that you want to see, I post weekly selfies on there and I do multiple exclusive videos a month. So if you want to see more of me, you can definitely check out my Patreon account. So, on to the review, amazing, amazing, amazing company, Dress Lily. So many options that you can choose from clothing wise, including a lot of awesome bikinis like this one. So the first Bikini I’ve got on, I absolutely, the first thing that’s like, I feel like is just totally eye-catching and I am fresh out the shower.
So don’t mind me with my wet hair and my no makeup, wet hair, don’t care kind of day. It’s one of those Sundays. So, I love this bikini because I love the print. So you’ve got like this super bright like pink and black and blue and purple and orange and red, like little, little funky print on like the main section. And then you’ve got just like the checkered on the straps, which I love the contrast between the two. My only complaint, I love how everything fits except this y’all are gonna laugh. So I know I got a big booty but this thing doesn’t even cover my butt crack. It is so, and I’m all about tiny. It’s just, it needs to be tiny in the right places. I it doesn’t even, and I can’t like, I mean cause if I pull up that way then it goes down lower in the front.
This is literally as tall as I can get it. And that’s my butt crack right there. You can see my tan lines all the way up there. So it’s definitely kind of a weird fitting bottom. So if you like super, super, super duper low cut bikini’s this is for you. But it’s my only complaint and it’s a small one. It’s just, it doesn’t fit me the way that I would love for it to fit. Like if this was a thong, because we all know that Alex loves thongs. If this was a thong and just a little more high cut, especially on the back, it would be like a hundred percent perfect because seriously, this is one of my favorite bikinis print wise ever. I love, love, love the print. It is a size small, it does fit true to size. So if you’re, if you’re, if you’re feeling this print and this style order, the regular size that you are.
I do, I just love the cut on this. It’s just, that’s my only, that’s my only complaint. What I’ll probably do is I’ll keep, I’ll wear the top with like a black bottom, like one of my black thongs just so that I can still, cause I want to show off this print, but the bottom is more full coverage than I want and it’s just too low cut. I don’t think people want, you know, want to walk around and seeing the buck crack. So, all right. So on to the next one. So I guess let’s do the Bikini’s first and we can end with either the lingerie or the colluding. So let’s get this next one on.
And this one is super cute cause it’s, it’s like tie dye, which I absolutely love tie dye stuff. It’s really fun and I think it really looks good against an awesome tan.


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