49 thoughts on “Yandy Naughty vs Nice Lingerie Try-On Haul | Ruby Red

  1. You are beyond adorable! The shirt dress looks like a nighty, OMG, what I wouldn't do!

  2. Wow!!! Siempre quise ver una modelo de talla grande para mujeres.sos hermosa muy lindo los modelos que mostras.Gracias por.Tus desfiles

  3. Hey Ruby, you are exactly why Curvey Girls are so damn Sexy in this world, Awesome figure. 😉

  4. Nothing on your haul was nice! It was Naughty😜 Aubrey you are a BAD GIRL😛😋🤤

  5. Wow, you looked fantastic in all the outfits you tried on. Wish I had a woman that looked exactly like you.

  6. Looking beautiful ❤️😍 gorgeous 👌 looking hot sexy 🔥💋🔥💋 love you baby 💋💋😘😍

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