Watch me try on 8 sexy thong bikinis from! Are they wins or fails? This thong bikini try on haul is new for me! I don’t normally wear thongs, but …


20 thoughts on “HUGE CLOTHING + ACTIVEWEAR TRY-ON HAUL | Shein, Gymshark, Fabletics, & More!

  1. you’re so beautiful omg and your outfits are so cute 💕

  2. Christmas wish list amazon ($100,000)gift card and some sweets, dinner with roast duck vegetable fried dumpling and kimichi.. Cherry pie!

  3. Ok it's very nice to see an asian trying on leggings. I am Asian as well I am working on my butt😆

  4. Those adidas shoes are freaking amazing. They are called The Falcons and I have 2 of them – black and pink and I love them

  5. Hi kris ik you probably won’t see this but I look up to you a lot and hope you can be able to see this

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