Thong bikini and lingerie Try on haul Microgigi | Nuevos bikinis y tangas

¡Hola a todos!

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Hoy en este vídeo os enseño nuevos microbikinis que me han llegado de la marca Microgigi, es la primera vez que pruebo bikinis de esta marca. Son dos conjuntos de bikini y dos tangas de lencería.

¡Espero que me digáis en los comentarios qué es lo que más os ha gustado!

Enlaces de los productos:

– Bikini micro blanco | White micro bikini:

– Bikini micro azul | Blue micro bikini:

– Tanga micro negro red | Black micro net thong:

– Tanga micro rosa | Pink micro thong:

En general, todos los productos tienen buena relación calidad/precio. Yo me quedaría con los bikinis, los tangas me gustan, pero son de una calidad más básica, el tacto es menos suave que el de los bikinis, además voy a usar mucho más los bikinis.
El envío me tardó dos semanas. Todo viene en una bolsita con su cierre y una tarjeta de Microgigi. Si queréis usar bikinis diferentes, que sean pequeñitos o bien queréis hacer un regalo son una buena opción.

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Os espero en el próximo vídeo!!!


42 thoughts on “ROMWE BIKINI try on HAUL | CANADA 2018 Spring Break Massive Unboxing 22 swimsuits

  1. Hello everybody!! Which swimsuit was your favorite? I'd love to hear! My favorite is the very first red bikini. XOXO!

  2. Dear Beautiful Kat !!! (is is Katlyn, or Katherine???) Thank you for showing fantastic bikinis, but i forgot them, I am only looking at you! You are SO natural in the way you speak, and when you`r laughing!!! Canada and Rocky Mountains, sounds beautiful. I think Canada is very musch like Norway, with high mountains and green valleys. You are always laughing and smiling, and I love to see that! I have been in USA two times, but really should like to come to Canada !!! Best wishes, and all my love from rainy Norway !!!

  3. Dont worry so much about not being tan. Nothing wrong with your beautiful skin color.

  4. Ok, I'm new to this. The 1st 👙 was perfect. Great bottoms. Not grandma-ee.

  5. Too much talking. You’re standing too close to your camera. We’re here to see you not listen to you, beautiful girl !

  6. I'm feeling the Hansel and Gretal braids. Still waiting for my blue jeans and daisy dukes

  7. Is this woman any different from the other professional bikini wearers on You Tube?

  8. So what are you doing now most recent stuff you've done is a week ago and before that is been like a year so what's going on you have my number I gave you but the right one so here you go 509-558-1634

  9. christ i hate to be the only real man in here but canadian man, and when i say real man i mean not a modern feminist girly boy, like trudope for example, but im gonna say this anyways and i really truly hope you dont take offence to this my girl, but you are sexy as hell, and i think you know that, in fact im sure you know it, you are exactly how a woman should look, and i dont give a rats ass what anyone says, you have the virtually perfect female physique , from hips and legs to lips, like it drives me nuts just watching these vids, all i can say is i hope to hell that your man assuming you have one because anyone who would pass on you is on glue, takes hell of a good care of you, you would be by any standard as far as im concerned a prize for any man, and something any man should be proud to show off, and have on his arm anywhere, anyways hope that wasnt considered ignorant and i hope your not offended by the comment, but damn i cant help it and i thought you should know.

  10. Gorgeous in everything you put on! Wow. Takes my breath away!

  11. Mama mía, el rojoI se te ve hermoso pero me gustan todos.mama mia the red looks great on you but I love every one🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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