24 thoughts on “Affordable Spring Shoes & Bags Haul UNDER $50 | Charles & Keith Target Amazon | Miss Louie

  1. Just found your channel and I must say I am enjoying myself so much watching you, going to binge now. So funny and refreshing, thank you πŸ™‚

  2. is there a rule for shoe and bag colors? I grew up with – purse belt shoes must match. but thats not always practical and can be too matchy matchy. The outfit with white t shirt and animal print skirt the shoes matched withe skirt but the purse was red. It looks good, If the purse were brown the outfit would be frumpy. Any advice?

  3. I came upon Charles and Keith a few years ago when I was living in Tokyo. I was blown away by how amazing that brand was. Affordable and very trendy. After so many years, I heard you talking about the brand. You described it exactly the same way I felt about it. On another note, I dig your videos. I love your style and it absolutely matches my taste. Amazing work!

  4. Love Erica's style but I will never understand how in the world people actually walk in high heeled mules. Cannot for the life of me do that.

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