41 thoughts on “ASMR | Sex Toy Haul

  1. I had to come back and comment… I clicked on another asmr video after this one and got a Adam and Eve ad. I can get ads for them but someone makes a video with their products and it gets demonitized?? Girl bye

  2. You gonna make me go buy something 😂

  3. youtube don’t demonetized dAniElLe cOhNs videos but after all they did to you lmao youtube not a clown they are whole circus 🎪 🤡

  4. I want to give comments about 2 of the products he showed buuutt nvm I'm innocent

  5. Nooo Myles vags are pretty show some respect 🤭 we want teacher rp

  6. The mgnetic balls are satisfying. Also learned a new respect for asmr cause now i realize its not about whispering its about being quiet overall and soothing the aduience. Respect

  7. Demonitized for what. Folks be on here doing all kinds of bs

  8. I have never seen anything like this….in other words I Luv it! now let me hit my Vape!

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