20 thoughts on “INSANE Adult Toy Haul | Clit Toys & Satisfyers

  1. Looking to try out a new toy with my partner. Can you give some recommendations for penetrating rumbling toys?

  2. she needs to be reported to cause it goes against the guide line in youtube

  3. What's up guys this months giveaway winner of the 10 inch dildo is @IgotApussy

  4. Can I ask a serious question and please don't think i'm hating or intimidated by sex toys but…. With all the toys you use and with all the EXTRA stimulation you can get from these new toys now a days…. Do you find it harder to have an orgasm with a man without using any toys or external stimulation? Can you have an orgasm with not clitoris play? Or do you have to use a toy or need clit stimulation to get off? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

  5. You should do an Athena haul sometime! If you do, definitely get the bullet. It’s the small purple one. Absolute insanity!

  6. Ashley, I don’t know if you have a video on this subject but here we go.

    We have been married for just a few years but we both have been previously married. Our sex life is pretty good but as adults i have she is pretty much naive. I have taught her how to play with toys and all that good stuff. Now, she is very tight, however i am average but since she likes me to play with toys on her she would like to try bigger but the question is to how to approach to stretching her without to much pain. Right now she can handle an inch and a half with no problem. I have tried 2” but that one is to thick and only the head goes in. What could be the next step?

    I really appreciate your help and your channel it helping big tome in other areas….and by the way, what’s the link for your other channel you have mention?

    Thank you!!

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