In this video I take you on a shopping trip to Tesco Extra Supermarket in search of sports bra and grocery shopping. I made my choices and paid for them out of …


17 thoughts on “Curvy & Thick Girl Bikini Try On Haul | Affordable Swimsuits Under $30 CUPSHE

  1. Proud of you for embracing your body and understanding the importance of maintaining your health. We’ll drive ourselves crazy trying to be “the norm”, which doesn’t exist. Everyone has different metabolism rates and genetic makeups. And it’s not just about physical health – but mental health too. There are mentally unstable people in all shapes, colors and sizes. So keep being confident and loving yourself! ❤️ Oh but back to the swimsuits lol they all look great, I love me a high waisted anything and my fave is the yellow.👙

  2. Love these!!! And your hair is gorgeous 😍 I do hauls too girl you should always embrace your body ❤️ your beautiful!!

  3. You’re so pretty! I want to buy new swimsuits but I’m wondering if I should buy any if there’s no where to wear them yet 😩

  4. Yes! I am loving this video, the positive messages, and all the swimsuits are amazing!

  5. My favorite was that waffle house yellow an yellow an black🧡🧡

  6. I love high waisted and mid waisted bottoms because the suck everything in lol, but each of these looks so good on you! My fave is the black& white bottom

  7. When you said fupa I feeeelllllll outttttt lmaoo.. like no she didnt just say fupa I'm dead.. yasssss girls embrace your fupa they are beautiful just like you all are

  8. Omg the yellow! That one really caught my eyes 😍😍 I liked them all though tbh lol.

  9. I’m so glad you are being positive about wearing bikinis because you look great in them. My fav bikini was the purple yellow one. It was so cute!

  10. That yellow one is so dang cute and so is the orange one! I prefer high waisted swimsuits too, they are way more flattering

  11. Just a reminder that you are amazing and you are not defined by your view count or sub count. You deserve more hype but you are still amazing just the way you are. You make beautiful content and your sub count or view count does not define the quality of your amazing videos. You are amazing ❤️ I’d love to be friends and support each other as well xx Don’t ever give up no matter what. More people appreciate your content than you think! ❤️

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