#swimwear #bikini #tryon Man models try on swimwear in Thailand #haul #models #underwear

#swimwear #bikini #tryon Man models try on swimwear in Thailand #haul #models #underwear

Sexy Men are with hot SWIMWEARS.

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16 thoughts on “CHEAP SUMMER HAUL! | Bikinis, Mini Dresses & more

  1. You are just so beautiful RayRay like your middle name for today lol just gorgeous girl you look stunning miss you have a good day👌😊👍👌😀❤

  2. Rachel…. For me, that red number…. DAMNNNNN!!! ❤️👆😍❤️

  3. Rachel the red dress looked fantastic on you and all the outfits u looked beautiful wearing them

  4. OMG that red dress is gorgeous on you. I really want that and the Angel Tank Top, checking them out now. Thanks for sharing 🌸

  5. Those dresses are super cute! Look so perfect on you. I gotta shop on that website! I also love the mom jean. The swim suit print is pretty too. Love watching your videos!! Can’t wait for more..❤️❤️❤️

  6. I told my gf I'm watching for educational purposes…..she doesn't believe me.

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