48 thoughts on “Ahoy, Sexy Swimwear! Sailor Stripe Bikini Try On Haul Video

  1. is anybody going to recognise the fantastic work that waxer did? 😉

  2. Lots of love ❤️ for all these 3 beautiful gorgeous stunning fabulous lovely girls they all are so adorable

  3. Phoebe you really worked on your body, and you look fantastic!

  4. Love those classy sailor hats. Very passionate selection of sailor stripe swimwear. The three of you look so breathtaking in your swimsuits. Combination of sexy and sassy.

  5. Seriously man. I am so blown away by how sexy these girls conduct themselves. I'm speechless.
    God bless these women. great camera views also

  6. sure is a conservative video for being a wicked weasel bikini channel

  7. Wicked weasel why don't you do a fb page bet you would get alot of followers maybe get some guy's that don't know you are out there just a thought

  8. 3 girl for me Wooow Ya no puedo😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. First off – thank you for posting and sharing this video!
    All of you look wickedly sexy in each and every beach wear. And I always love Phoebe's definition of "modest". Your modest in Australia would get most women in North America told to cover up. LOL
    Phoebe, for you I'd say the 312 top w/the 211 bottom was a favorite. But again, you all look so hot in each piece. Cheers ladies!

  10. Yep give the pay to that cameraman and let it go.Great swimsuit great girl but camera holy shit!!! lol

  11. The micro bottoms are too hot for YouTube?

  12. 👍😍❤️😍❤️Hi WW, happy New Year 2020, best wishes, very nice selection👍

  13. The green and white bikini on Phoebe at the beginning of the video was my Fav! Can't get enough Phoebe 😍 😍 So Super Cute!

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