Summer Outfits 2020 + Try On Haul with Alisha Williams | JCPenney

Check out this summer 2020 lookbook and try on haul featuring Alisha Williams! Watch as she styles 9 cute summer outfits and mixes and matches summer …


5 thoughts on “SAVAGE X FENTY… that hype tho 😳 | try-on haul

  1. You still look great in them but I agree I think it’s just like blah 😕

  2. the only thing i buy from their is lingerie, bralettes and undies because thier cup sizes are so damn small. 42K queen over here

  3. “I would rather . . . (long dramatic pause) . . . pet a rabid possum”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Girl, I feel your pain. My goal for 2019 is to find a bra that actually fits properly. I just added it up, and so far I have spent over $4000 on bras since Christmas. Unfortunately, I have also returned $3892 worth. I think I’ll skip Fenton, but any other recommendations you have, send them on! I tried Torrid based on your review, and found something that’ll get me through but still not great. Adore me was a big fat fail, Lane Bryant I had three different filters all leave in tears because it just didn’t work. So frustrating! Like you, the thought of having to wear a playtex 18 hour kills me but that might be all that’s left!

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