39 thoughts on “Favorite Fitness Clothes | Haul & Try On + EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. They’ve changed so much in the last year! Only gone up in quality ❤️

  2. oh dear u r sooo cute😘😘😘
    please like my comment…love u😘😘😘

  3. Ohhh How can I buy these products? I guess they dont ship to Brazil, right? 😢

  4. The Dry sculpture leggings have a tiny waistband that doesn’t have much give to it. How the heck you get that over yo bootie?!?,

  5. Hi whit! Im trying to buy some gymshark using your code but its not deducting anything? Just wondering if it only works for over a certain amount? Thanks!

  6. Totally unrelated to fitness: How do you keep your hair so ashy!? I want my hair to look just like yours:)

  7. Omg I feel you all my clothes are also workout clothes hahah. Congratulations girl!!!! Continue slaying and inspiring people!!! Love yoooou from the Philippines 💓💓💓 I

  8. Watching old Whitney videos and realizing how far you have come😭😭😍 the gains have been real!

  9. Hi you're amazing, just found your channel and I'm obsessed 😍🔥

  10. I don’t even workout but I watch 👏every👏single👏video👏you👏film. You CRACK me up.

  11. Whitney? What size do you wear? I'm 5"'7" with about 36" around the hips. I just thought me might have the same size. I need those joggers!

  12. I wouldn’t recommend the lighter colored leggings. When you get some booty sweat the light colors show everything. I’ve seen this with gym shark 🦈 as well

  13. haha I only have gym clothes now..i know that feeling wen you're just like "I don't have shit to wear😲😲😲🙃oh gym clothes it is" lmao

  14. Giiirrrllll I know this is an older video, but it's my birthday and I'm about to buy myself the best birthday present ever, which is SOME GYM SHARK LEGGINGS GIRL. Also wanted to say thank you for being so inspiring and posting videos because you've changed my fitness journey in the BEST most amazing way. I'm better with consistency, stronger than ever and more excited about going to the gym than I ever have been. YOU ARE BRINGING THE FIRE FLAMES from day one. Thank you for your dedication, priceless advice and motivation, and for your awesome workouts!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  15. I just wish gymshark would be more size inclusive. I would spend so much on this line, especially since I got a gym membership. Now I actually wanna get some good workout clothes… where do I go to request this? lol.

  16. I don't even give a hoot about gym clothes but I'm watching your clothing haul vid's just because you're so entertaining.

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