SUMMER FASHION TRY ON HAUL 2017/// OhPolly, Fashion Nova, Forever 21

Thanks so much for watching!!!!! I will be uploading a Q&A/ VLOG next week My measurements: 35-27-40 Follow my Instagram @Emmybre_ for more! + follow …



  1. Lucy. You look unreal. Oh my your makeup looks beautiful. What a girl

  2. Now that COVID lockdown has ended here in NZ I am finding myself watching all of these old mid size fashion videos for inspiration to go out in public again!! Please do some of these again!!

  3. Just found you and I love all these ideas! I used to be really thin, size 6, decent sized boobs and a 6-pack and then I was diagnosed with PCOS and i went from a size 6-16 in the space of 18 months. I was devastated and lost all my confidence. Ive managed to lose some of the weight so i'm back down to a size 12 but i'm trying to learn to love my figure again and I just find myself wearing everything baggy! I have no idea how to dress for the body i have now, because i've thrown out all my short shorts, crop tops, body suits, clingy dresses etc. So your videos are really helpful. You look incredible and i know other people don't notice the flaws you think you have but unfortunately its still in the back of my mind.

  4. I have such a difficult time shopping. I have huge boobs, a giggly stomach but skinny limbs. I am right in between a 12 and 14…too large for most stores, too small for plus size. I wish I could just wear sweatpants 24/7. I would like to try some of these because they looked really nice

  5. This is the first video of yours that I'm watching. Can I just say that you have the most perfect body, like utter perfection.

    My brother also said that you're very very attractive and have a beautiful body. He said that alot of men do not want skinny skinny girls. You're beautiful x

  6. I'm Asian, from Singapore, fat from young 1.62m, lost weight from 90kg to 67kg, but I still dun have the courage to wear sleeveless and tuck in even now. Stretch mark behind arms, still fabby.

  7. That jump suit is not 90s. It's full on 80s! I know this because I lived it! Bwahahahaha!

  8. how tall are you? I’m pretty tall and nastygal does not list what size their modes are so I never know how short dresses and skirts will be on me.

  9. This question has probably been asked over and over but where did you get the buffy top from?

  10. I had a friend who was very judgmental. I was literally 110 lbs and a size 2 and I remembering her saying, "ewww cellulite" to me. Considered her a friend for forty some years and cut her negativity out of my life permanently. No one needs a friend like that. No one cares….thank you.

  11. When she said “Double Ds” I was like “oh yea tits out”. Nope.

  12. It’s so interesting how someone can be the same size as you but built completely different, it’s beautiful really how no one person is the same

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