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38 thoughts on “Massive Valentino Rock Stud SALE Shoe Haul | Unboxing + Try On

  1. Omg thank you so much for making this video,I have always wanted to know why people go about and deal with the buckle,but after I watch your video it making me think 🤔 😁

  2. Can you tell me where you found the PVC flip flops for a discounted price ?

  3. Could I ask whether the flats come up the same size as the heels? I have the heels but wondering whether I would need to get same size in flats or go up/ down in them.

  4. I'm masochistically addicted to watching videos on designer shoes and then crying to myself because I can't afford them. Lol.

  5. All of them looked beautiful on you. And the black flats especially looked awesome and went great with your outfit

  6. These are really beautiful. But I might go with the dupes since these are so expensive.

  7. Lucky we don’t have a sale on valentino and my size 41 not available

  8. Love the third one pink shoes look gorgeous! Could you tell me what color is that water rose?

  9. Have you seen the Valentino rockstud watercolor caged flat? I could've been a little too late asking for the information, but is the watercolor collection only a seasonal collection? Been dying to get my hands on those. I hope it's still available on the market

  10. Hi,
    video on replay
    Wanting to get ahead on the sale season for next year?
    When is a good time to go in store? First week of January or last week of December?


  11. still like your white pair of ferragamos from a while more videos of those!

  12. The 100mm is not high everyone says it's comfortable I have two pairs and super comfy

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