28 thoughts on “CUTE LINGERIE FOR SPRING ★ TRY ON HAUL ★ Charlotte Hole

  1. Ugh. This video was intended to help a lot of women out there find new inspiration for bras, and help fuller bust women! – men I don’t need your creepy comments on my body – this video was NOT intended for that, please steer clear and consult some adult sites if you must. Please be respectful, this is my body and I want to help other women feel great within theirs. 🙏

  2. Charoltt hole will you married me please say yes because it was my birthday I am know 47 year old and I am looking for a woman like you Tex me back please right now and let me know if you want to go out with me and ceberate my birthday I will be in love with 💓💓💓💓💓 always and forever make sure you send me a picture of you in your swimming suit

  3. You are very Beautiful…and make an excellent presentation…very well done …A1

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