32 thoughts on “Huge Zara Sale Haul! *Birthday* Shopping TryOn at 60% OFF | ThatQuirkyMiss

  1. I appreciate you and your content but literally Half your channel is 'HAULS'. Ik this kind of content may be a hit but you are playing a role in promoting a 'you need more' mentality. Literally every other video of yours popping up on my feed is a haul. How about we focus on sustainable fashion instead of 'more more and more stuff' quality over quantity and shopping mindfully. This may be your work and I get that but it's no longer that time in the world where all this was harmless fun videos. Let's support and promote sustainable fashion where we are shopping more mindfully and good quality pieces that last longer and serve better and are also more flattering on our individual bodies. Maybe shift your focus on Educating your followers on these topics of fit and structure that can make or brake your style and look or colour theory. So that they can make better choices for themselves and hence wear what the buy more than ONCE and ultimately be more SATISFIED with what they are buying. Because clearly buying more is not satisfying anyone (evident in your content.) it's better for people and the world environment. Anyways I'll be unsubscribing for now because this whole "haul every second week" thing is making me cringe. Like how much do you need?

  2. Make sure dear that in this type of mobile bags… There is a risk that pick pockets chor uchakke Kheech k le ja sakte h bag hi direct… To it's an advice ko isko har Jagah Matt use Krna… Khaas jagaho pe hi mobile bag use Krna…. Road pe Chalte Chalte chor uchakke Kheech Lete h mobile bags ko..i don't want this to happen with anybody… So plz do tk cre dear and khaas Jagah ya safe place pe hi isko Achche se carry Krna… Not everywhere… Ohk.. Love u

  3. Where is this top from Aditi? Looks so classy and elegant at the same time omg 😍 and and and cant say enough i love you😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  4. First of look you are looking so gorgeous in this look the eye makeup is just completing with the top. Bang on. Also from the Zara collection I like the footwear they are so classy.

  5. Aditi di please aap combination skin care routine Karo please aur afoodable please replay Dena ma apki biggest fan hu aur ma aapne bhi na phone use karti. Hu please replay Dena mujhe bhut khushi hogi

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