1. For me the 3 things a NYE outfit must have are sparkle, high heels, and boob. Outfit 1 ticks all boxes, it's great. Outfit 2 has those gorgeous big leg cut outs but no boob or sparkle so not a NYE look IMO. Outfit 3 nice but the cleavage rather limited for NYE. Outfit 4 it's like outfit 1 in many ways, ticks all the boxes. Outfit 5 no NYE sparkle. Outfit 6 gorgeous but it's shimmer not full on sparkle. Outfit 7 no boob or enough sparkle. Final one amazing if may look like shirt forgotten

  2. girllllllllllllllllllla

    I have my ten year reunion coming up. It's a mixer.

    I had to pause.. that first outfit. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Soooo that black one piece is amazing!! That bad boy is super bomb! I need it for Vegas in March!! The other pieces are nice as well. You can rock them all. Great video sis!

  4. You ever seen those movies that there is music playing and a woman walks in and the music stops? That's you if you show up to any even with that brown dress. I might not be playing any music but my heart did stop. I'm not going to lie, your thumbnails draw me in but your face, you skin and your hair, Oh my!

  5. Hey Kristyn, First I love your high ponytail hairstyle. My favorite is the bronze halter dress reminds me of Beyoncé freak em girl dress lol, second favorite is the velvet/sequence dress and lastly that black one piece. Slayyy all day you look nice in everything 😊

  6. I’m commenting again cuz I just LOVE this video and all of your sexy outfits so I just watched this again lol – you slayed soooo hard sis! My favs are the black one piece you opened with and the red dress – but you looked amazing in all of them😘👌🏾😍

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