20 thoughts on “Sex Toys from Wish? – Haul & Review

  1. I bought the tongue and was so excited to use it, but when it came in the mail and I put the batteries in, it went so horrificly fast, it would have rubbed my clit off if I had tried to use it lmao. It must have been a malfunctioned one because the other videos I’ve seen of it looked like it went a normal speed however mine went so fast it almost jumped out of my hands lol. I was very sad about that one 🙁

  2. "this is very small and does not do anything for me"

    feels personally attacked
    oh well, I'm a bottom anyhow

  3. Hey do you remember how they were packed up? Especially the Butterfly typed vibrator with the things for the legs? I may wanna buy it but I'm a bit afraid if my mom could see what it is on the packaging😅 (sry for my English skills, Im watching you from Germany)

  4. 64 chinese disliked because you said the penis butterfly "was too small" in a comunist society where the goods are equaly distributed that is the perfect size they said.

  5. Please fix your dollar amounts you don't use a comma you use a decimal point you're making it look like $3,000 not $3.00

  6. I'm really thankful that you did a wish sex toy review I've been very nervous on buying things off there

  7. Please do another one of these! I loved this video. Very fun but professional as well as informational. New subscriber 🙂

  8. For those wondering why the products no longer show its only the app version. Go onto the website or on desktop mode and it should work

  9. For some reason wish says error message or nothing available if I try to view anything sex related

  10. I dont like big dicks cause its a lot mostly cause im a lesbian and im just not about it.

  11. Question are they like covered up cause i bought a dildo and im afraid its not like privately covered up so are they??

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