SOPHIE'S STAGE – Sexy Christmas outfit try on haul

This week: It’s nearly Christmas so I’m getting all festive with these sexy little outfits.
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41 thoughts on “SEXY OUTFIT TRY ON HAUL – Boohoo cheap clothes

  1. 😄 Hi to all of you!!! I hope you like this video, please smash that like button 👍 and tell me 💬 which outfit you find the best! 😊
    🔥 Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram: priberry_
    🍓 I love you all!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Really love your content here as well as on TIKTOK….im virtually following you everywhere

  3. Beautiful amazing unique pretty gorgeous and wonderful girl kisses from Jersey City New Jersey

  4. This video show you in a awesome way all and i mean all of the outfits looked brilliant and sexy on you, the one with the side boob i say yes just as a shirt like the others earlier you showed with the black lingerie top👍👍🔥🔥😘🔥🔥

  5. Uh oh. Nevermind. Just saw that you highlighted/liked that comment by that Kim person. So you agree that the guys complimenting you on how gorgeous you look are all "thirsty"? I get that there are creeps out there, seeing you only as an object, but from what I went through and read, most of those comments are simply and respectfully giving you a compliment. Granted my comment was a little heavy on the humor but the compliment is obvious and far from rude. These people, including myself, don't comment out of loneliness or some impossible hope of getting a date or something. For me it's actually just trying to do something nice for another person. You do these videos for your own reasons; free cloths, modeling opportunities, etc. But you can't tell me truthfully that validation isn't at least a small part of it. We all seek it, but to deny it and call the kettle black is not a great look for anybody.

  6. Gosh, you're a straight up dream, speaking more on personality but being drop dead gorgeous is just the 🍒 on top. You say that you're only "sometimes sexy" on tick tock and I gotta call bullshit. You don't have a non-sexy setting sweetheart. You're Sexy knob is permanently stuck on 11 and you're just gonna have to deal with it 😉

  7. You are cut and look good. But, you need to try something else no. Besides that you have no here. And your body looks great see in some more stuff.

  8. Priberry ma qualche giorno passi per Napoli che potrei invitarti alla piazza del Plebiscito per un caffè e magari ti faccio i complimenti per la tua bellezza estetica e interiore che sei una bella ragazza e non sei niente male (P.S ti giuro che sei bellissima e sei in forma, questo è il mio parere) se qualcuno di voi la pensa in un altro modo ognuno ha i propri pareri ma secondo me sei una ragazza più che bella e sei una Venere, vieni un po' a Napoli, così ci conosciamo meglio ma sappi che tu sei un diamante tra il carbone, una colomba fra i falchi che dalla sua colorazione candida trasmette in me una grande allieviazione che la babele in cui viviamo possiede quel qualcosa di calmo e incantevole. Tu sei una ragazza fantastica e non devi fare video in cui mostri quell' di più che possiedi ma tu sei perfetta, bella, giovane, intelligente e senza ombra di dubbio una ragazza bellissima e felice di avere una vita piena di persone amorevoli.
    Priberry sei bellissima e spero proprio che tu possa conoscermi sulle vie piene di amore di Napoli

  9. Hi. Maybe it's time for another video similiar to this? :d

  10. Awsome all the outfits are gorgeous and your soooo gorgeous too !!!!!

  11. I hope you do a bikini or lingerie try on haul.. thanks.. you have a great body!!

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