It’s no secret I’m a shoe lover/hoarder so it was about time I did a shoe haul! Plus I show you how I style up my shoes with some fab outfits! *Click SHOW MORE …


38 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK TRY ON HAUL (SHEIN) ~ Shoes, Bikinis, Dresses & More!

  1. hi destiny, you have a wonderful nice body, i like your nice belly and bellybutton, i like to know please, is your appendixstill inside ? thanks for a nice answer, mike

  2. You are still growing into your body, you will love those long thin bottoms when you’re older, you’re beautiful !

  3. The bikini queen returns! 😁

    I love that you are the perfect combination of smart and flirty! I wish I could pull off being both (or either! But I am pretty smart *humblebrag*)!

    You have become a true expert on fun clothing, especially bikinis. Maybe you should start your own company (I finally just watched #Girlboss so maybe I am just thinking entrepreneurially) and Martin could help you get financing through the markets (when things recover, of course)!

    I hope that your move to Miami has not been hampered by the lockdown. Wishing both of you and your families the best!

  4. thank you! your videos really create a force inside me that heat up my defense against virus

  5. I like that Video so much. I like to watch it for Hours. Cause Most of the Outfits Looks so good on you and you are a super cute Girl!

  6. Well, well looks like Lauren Alexis finally has some worthy competition in the ethot category.

  7. You look beautiful in everything sweet lady and be careful going everywhere and have fun in the sun.

  8. WOW, You are absolutely gorgeous and you have a smoking hot little body. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

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