Shein Tryon Haul | Maya Swift

Wassup everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this haul video. The links to each item are below. Bra set: 2pack Solid Underwire Bra Set Check out this 2pack Solid …


42 thoughts on “SHEIN TRY ON HAUL FOR SUMMER *affordable and cute clothing pieces*

  1. Hey girl! Don't forget to share this video, tag me on instagram if you show it in your IG story. Also I have a coupon code, D2Marrissa use it to save you some money sis! Let me know down in the comments what your favorite piece was. Talk to you guys soon. XO.

  2. Girlfriend, I’m a size medium, 5’ 2” and weighs 147. So whenever you’re ready to empty the wardrobe, just pass them on. Real cute outfits. You got good taste in clothing

  3. I've yet to see a YouTuber that's the same height as I am. So, as soon as i heard 5'8 and 1/2, BOOM i subscribed!

  4. Girl me too! I've lost 20 lbs on quarantine. But I know it's because I havent been able to go out to my favorite restaurants or have my happy hour cocktails🥰. I've been going on 1 mile walks at my local nature trail trying to keep from going stir crazy lol. All those combined certainly helped. Beautiful haul, as expected 👏

  5. Always enjoy your hauls love that happy dance to do when your trying on the clothes.🥰🥰🥰🥰

  6. Just stumbled across your channel. I just placed an order from Shein now you have more items in my cart. Where is the headband from?

  7. You always pick the cutest clothes that’s tastefully done. 💜💜💜💜

  8. Hi gurl I just love all ur clothes I just subscribe to ur channel you is beautiful

  9. You and I both are absolutely obsessed with floral patterns and dresses! I'm a 100% dress girl! Your videos are inspiring. Keep on producing the good stuff♥️
    I love the first floral dress with orange and purple flowers.
    Also love the yellow floral dress with ruffles.

  10. Another great haul! So many great pieces. Love all the dresses especially the pink polka dot! 💓💓💓

  11. Thanks for the video, my was the pink and black polka dots dress. Heading to place my order. I have not bought anything from Shein, this is my first time and I’m so excited already. 30k soon. Sharing 👏

  12. I love the mix print top, so beautiful. The sleeves is everything 💗💗

  13. Oh I love the pink two piece set. Esp the pants, high waisted and wide leg

  14. Yes sis you are almost there. I love this hair band. The whole look is a rich girl vibe 😍

  15. Woot woot. We almost at 30🙌🏿. Sis that Gingham two piece suit and rompers is sold all the way out😬. Love love the pieces sis. I see you jamming to some tunes over there..go sis, go sis 💃💃

  16. New subie here!!! Marissa I love your channel and I love how you make every piece look effortlessly stylish and expensive! Could you find alternatives for us plus size girls ! Much love cuz you are smart and beautiful from one black woman to another sis ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. You are so extra and I love it! You look so pretty in the yellow dress.

  18. Always a joy viewing your hauls but my favorite is that polka dot dress love it….you have great taste

  19. The thumbnail had me wanted to watch… love ther pieces! I like your hair too.

  20. That 2 piece pink is adorable!! Maybe try wrapping it around like band?? And that blue "snack dress" is cute too!!! Love all the looks!

  21. Honey! Your hauls are the best! I can always count on your video to find cute clothing!!🥰

  22. Loved all the dresses and the two blue sets, gingham and the solid set. So cute on you!

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