34 thoughts on “Walmart Plus Size Try On Haul | ACTIVEWEAR

  1. I loved the denim jumper. It fits you perfect since you have a pretty shape. I'm skinny but I actually come to see this video for how it looked in the picture. I watched when you tried it on and yes! It looks very pretty and chic and fashion on you.

  2. You have inspired me to take multiple Walmart shopping sprees πŸ˜‚ but seriously, I love your personality and your style! Please keep the Walmart hauls coming! Purchased the denim jump suit for myself today and had to come back to see how you styled yours 😍 I was missing the pop of color on my lips ✨

  3. The jumpsuit looks really cute on you, but I’m thinking it would be so, so inconvenient to wear, if you keep it, I bet you never wear it. The striped sweater and jeans is the perfect spring outfit. Good shopping!

  4. I love that jumpsuit on you! And as you were saying the colors I was like what if they have it in an Olive Green color or Hunter green and you said it so now I’m definitely going to have to check at my local Walmart!

    * I also want to say I loved that lipstick on you and where did you get those wedges πŸ‘€ because I need them in my life girl!

  5. Check out Amazon and eBay in your size as well. I may go to Walmart and give that a try because of the fabric and the sleeves. It would be an easy fix since I am only 5.7. Thank you for the update and I wish you great success in finding what you are looking for.

  6. I have the denim jumper and I also have it in the black. I paired the black with a tan Michael Kors belt and some Black and Tan leopard booties or my black Steve Madden loafers with silver jewels around the bottom without a belt. I wear the denim one with my flat denim shoes that lace up or my platform tennis shoes. It’s very comfortable and I wear them on Fridays at work. Keep it and play with. $20 bucks you really not out a whole lot of money.

  7. Ok so when I saw the jumpsuit in the store I was like UMM NO but now after seeing it on you I’m like UMM YES! 😍 also,loving the purple lipstick! You rock itπŸ’œ

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