SHEIN *try-on* bikini haul | SUMMER 2020

shein try on bikini haul // hi! here’s my first Shein try-on bikini haul! so excited to wear these this summer — each bikini will be linked down below! I placed this …


44 thoughts on “TRYING ON BIKINIS UNDER $20! SHEIN BIKINI HAUL 2020 | Selena Lim

  1. She makes every single one of these look amazing.. she literally gives them justice lol. But me and my flat chest and butt, along my with belly rolls, could never pull these off.

  2. Your so hot in anything you wear, amazingly beautiful, i hope whoever your with they treat you like a Queen, Princess and a Priestess cause you deserve it all, I sure in the hell would !!!!!

  3. it kinda bothers me that you can obviously tell some of these aren't supposed to be pulled up so high on the hip. Like, some were just supposed to be normal bikinis bottoms and she pulled them up so high

  4. You are a lovely young woman! I like that you chose different styles and colors of suits than everyone else! It seems that everyone is trying the same ones! Also you should do videos about your fitness and diet, because your figure is amazingly fit and toned! Great haul, and thanks for the link to binge your other you tube vids!

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