29 thoughts on “ASOS Try-On Haul: Keep or Return? 70% Off Sale | Meg Says

  1. The color of the 2nd slip dress was so hot on you and I loved how it showed off your curvy figure.

  2. Nothing makes me so hard than to see a white gal putting on black dress. You look hot btw.

  3. The teal dress with your tan lines looks absolutely beautiful on you, you have such a beautiful figure ,not wide hips, perfect feminine shape. Loved your video.

  4. Hi! I am wondering hon tall you are? I am thinking about buying the Blue dress so i want to know your height so i dont buy a dress that dont suit me

  5. Hi :)) just saw your video and decided to buy the same mint green dress, it's absolutely stunning xx can you tell me if you can go braless or is some kind of backless bra necessary? Love from germany :))

  6. OMG u are bueatifull Lady any ting u try make Men get high stay classy

  7. Not a fan of silk dresses. I feel they stick to your skin not a hugging fit clothes type of fan and body con clothes. Also look like night dresses. Sorry.

  8. Wowwwww love the first 2 dresses on u!!!! I hate the feel of silkynessss but it looks so nice

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