11 thoughts on “ROMWE TRY ON HAUL | bikinis, dresses, etc // Catherine Andrew

  1. this is not meant as a hate comment, but on the first dress it is not Romwe's fault it was too long on you. the model must've been taller than you so it was shorter on her.

  2. I loved this haul💕💕💕 you should totally do more of these, I subscribed. You should definetly check out my channel👍🏻 and hopefully subscribe back😁

  3. You probably won't ever order again because your experience wasn't too great, haha. But I have ordered a few times before and been pretty successful. One tip I can give to anyone watching is to pay attention to the color mentioned in the name of the dress on the website. The same thing happened to me when a romper I ordered was burgundy in the picture but came red when I received it. That is when I noticed that the color red was mentioned in the title. Looked exactly like the photo minus the color. So be wary of that if you order!

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