1. how tall are you those last heals were really high, I'm 5 11 and plus size usually when I wear heals I feel like king kong next to average sized women. But my hubby calls me his big super sexy woman.Any how you have very good taste in shoes and clothes.I am also price conscious and shop very cheap but quality and style means a lot to me, so it's possible to look good and shop cheap.p.s J.s Is the bomb!

  2. Those red one by JS are HAUTE!!!! I wish I can wear them, but any heel over 4" are a struggle. It sucks though, because a lot of those shoes are bangin!!

  3. You are right Miss AE, Jessica's shoes are the bomb! Try her bags too. All the shoes are great! I'm a budget babe too so you won't catch me spending a lot of money on things. Thanks for the video.

  4. omg girl those jsimpson shoes are official!! green eyes for real. you prob would like fergie shoes too, they are reasonably priced at torrid site. and you gotta get that walk together for the last pair, cuz casinos dont let you take your shoes off no matter how bad your feet hurt. lol

  5. @KayeLaSha lmao you had me laughing.. my fiance' is over my shoulders saying "what are you laughing at!" ;o) Girl i look at those shoes and shake my head . I will probably only wear them in Vegas . I go there in 2 weeks . Wish me luck. But your idea sounds delish, I might take your suggestion lol ;o)
    ~keep it real

  6. @JustSimplyTish Great tips diva. I love shoesm but I have a serious love hate relationship with high heels. I find myself going to my old faithfuls. Sorry in the delayed response. Hope you are well.
    ~keep it real

  7. Very cute 3inches is my max! but I would love to wear heels that high. When you go to Vegas Ya'll have to go to see Cirque du Soleil Zumanity. Check out Vegas .com they have super deals!

  8. I miss Baker's we used to have them here and then they closed them down some years back, I thought the whole company went out of business. Nice shoe haul, I'm loving those read pumps.

  9. @SofiaAlejandra9 Thanks chica, I will try that. I think I have seen it at my local
    dollar store. Have a great week.
    ~keep it real and thanks for being supportive and watching my videos

  10. You can try using "goo gone" it takes sticky off of anything and it is orange citris based, it probably will not ruin your shoe. You can find it at Walmart…ive used this product and its great!!

  11. @BrownFaceTV yes honey, please do … I need to put dibs on some items ;o) Forreal. I was thinking about doing swaps.. What do you think . I could tell yall my measurements, and sizes and show the clothes.. vice versa, and we could go to town, for only the cost of shipping.. Flat rate of course.

  12. @MusicLova84 IM 5'8. I switch it up, but I am taller than most of my friends. Me personally I dont mind towering over a crowd lol, you shouldnt either. You betta work that height your workin with!
    ~keep it real

  13. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl..you and me both with hauling in the last few months??? Anyway, seeing that we wear the same size, I am coming over to get those black sandals from Ross and those red FIYAH JS shoes!! WOWSER!!!!!!! I want to do one of these vids. I've been meaning to do a vintage haul, but just haven't gotten around to it.

  14. Hi, I love all the shoes you got, especially the red one. Regarding how to walk with the brown one, just practice a little bit at home walking, not on the carpet, but on plain floor, don't walk to fast, take your time. It looks horrible when you can tell a woman is not confortable in her shoes. Thanks for sharing… Dillards is having a sale, they got really nice ones

  15. @1cutefox Thanks that is a great tip. Walnut Creek!!! Gurl I usually dont go out that far, but I know there is better shopping out that way… Less of us out there if you know what I mean . lol
    ~keep it real

  16. If you use a blow dryer it will melt the glue and it should wipe right off, if you have already wore the shoe it may take alittle longer to come off. You need to go to the Ross in Walnut Creek the shoes there are the bomb. Oh I see we wear the same size I will do a video of my Ross shoes. When you go to the shoe store buy the little pads you put on the bottom of the shoe to keep you from slipping. That will help.

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