29 thoughts on “Sexy Fashion Nova Try On Haul

  1. I would wear the romper to work… (But I work at a strip club) so I would wear this walking around the house or in the uber to work

  2. You made card.ib clothes look good ,some of other girl were fat and we're trying on that were too small. Keep all the clothes they all look good on you.

  3. They All Look Good On You 😍 My Hubby Wouldn't Let Me Wear Most Of The Stuff You Tried On Let Alone Walk Out The Door Wearing Any Of It 🤦 Loved All Of Them Though❤️

  4. well we were all waiting for you to turn around girl lolll

  5. the family have nice feeling when have sexy mom like you nice body babe

  6. ☆☆¤¤☆¤☆☆▪▪▪¤☆¤☆¤¤☆▪☆¤▪▪☆¤☆¤¤¤☆☆▪▪▪¤☆¤.

  7. I loveee your intro so cute girl! Love the outfits they look great on you! New subscriber 😘💙 enjoyed your video..great personality and attitude 🤩

  8. I jus found you guys and im binging on your vids. You are sooo gorgeous girl and you have a beautiful family ! New subbie ❤😘

  9. Maria you are gorgeous!! I just started following you and you and beau are relationship goals!! Love how you guys get along so well and btw your family is beautiful 💕😍

  10. I think I just found a family that relates more to me and my boyfriend I’m so excited for your videos

  11. Why y’all saying that your man wouldn’t let you wear that stuff?? You really let someone tell you how to dress like wear what you want girl

  12. 🌹Great Nice VideO As AlwayS🌹
    😙😙Love All Your Tattoos😍😍
    They All Look AmazinG On You
    Yesss Go GurL I See you
    😙😙😙Your Beautiful SelF💕
    Hope you Have a Fabulous Weekend As well

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