33 thoughts on “12 FALL/WINTER OUTFITS! | Under $50 TryOn Haul

  1. A little Advice. You can’t put outfits together and just give info on what you just bought when you’re throwing other item in to make an outfit. You got to include every piece. Cause girl we all wanna know about the black combat boots. I had to go through the comments looking for an answer. NADA. found nothing. Thats not right. Lol. I NEED THE DEETS!!!

  2. Hey! I love that camel color block coat but unsure what size I should get. I don’t know I should get a an extra small or a small… I weight 125 and you have a small. What size you I should get???

  3. Love the color block line coat and the black cold shoulder big sleeve blouse (sold out in my size). I really appreciate the styling done in this video also. I have made some huge purchases from Shein for some years now. I am noticing that the pricing on the website have increase but there are still good deals to be found. Oooo that ice princess dress looks gorgeous on you, too bad about the shedding. Bless to turn 58 on 01/08 but said that some styles just won't work for this girl lol. Thanks so much for sharing and blessing to you in the days to come. Happy New and Bless Year!

  4. hi, Where did you get your boots that you wore with your colorblock buttoned plaid coat? I've been trying to find boots like that for fall/winter

  5. Hey what is your body measurements it would help people see how you went in addition to the sizing! Thanks.

    Like I am a 40 inch bust
    36 waist
    39 hips
    And 5"7
    Sizing is difficult because I am slim still weighing 181ibs but people think i am 150 145…its crazy!!!

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