26 thoughts on “Sports Bra for BIG BOOBS?!! High Impact | Plus Size Try on & THE ULTIMATE TEST! Squat, Workout, Wash

  1. Jade, give the SHEFIT Sports bras a go. They are amazing especially if you're breast feeding. They arent cheap but they are worth every cent. I love mine. High impact so if you run/jump etc, the girls dont go anywhere. And you can change the height of where your boobs sit with Velcro on the shoulder straps and the velcro under the bust, you have room to take it in or let it out.

  2. I'm an F cup and tend to find sports bras smoosh my breasts together, leaving me with a boob-sausage! I like the Berlei one Serena Williams wears but it's expensive.

  3. I'm sorry but all those bras looked a size or two too small for you with just not enough support, I think there are better options available, my best was from Big City Chic expensive but amazing.

  4. I think for our size chest that underwire is necessary, & a two layer bra as well. If you want perfection. Glamorise makes one. You do not move in it. You can do jumping jacks. There is no cleavage showing & breasts look like breasts. The sizes coordinate to bra size & there’s no guessing.

  5. Stuff looks pretty! I liked the 2nd pair of leggings best, but it's a shame neither are squat proof! Companies should think of that more when designing them.
    Looking good Jade! 💖💖💖

  6. I have the same problem with my boobs falling out of bras im a e to f the best sports bra i have found is from shefit. He hugs you so well so many adjustments to get them supportive. I can wear it every day and feel comfortable

  7. I love seeing a positive strong role model with a body like mine! You look great 🤗 I hope you are feeling happy at the moment and looking forward to Christmas with your family. Much love 💜

  8. I love your honesty when you do your reviews and I love that you included Hazel in your last work out 😘😊
    Your hair looks amazing I love that little pinup wave that you have towards the front… you always look amazing 😴

  9. The fact u've exercised with these before you gave ur thoughts is very helpful. Most hauls iv seen on sportswear is literally try on and comment, and no updates!!

  10. Great review, very thorough. Little Hazel, wut fun! Really like the Plum colored leggings with the support around your mid-section. The bras look great. I'm a D cup and it can be difficult to find a supportive sports bra. Have to say, LOVED watching Hazel climb up and join the work out. She's such a doll. Thanks Jade💜

  11. I struggle so much as a 34 k busted lady and it's so hard to find one that works I love that u have the balls to talk about things and be so honest I truly love I found this channel you are an amazing person made hope all is well

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