#sexy #hot #bikini #lingerie #clothes #haul Sexy Try on Haul Zaful, Asos #clothing #2020 #asos

#sexy #hot #bikini #lingerie #clothes #haul Sexy Try on Haul Zaful, Asos #clothing #2020 #asos

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29 thoughts on “THE *sickest* THRIFT HAUL EVER

  1. thank you to everyone for letting me know the “vintage military coat” is actually a US marines coat! i’m so sorry i had no idea, i genuinely thought it was a coat from another country decades ago since it ended up in a random goodwill. i will not be wearing the wearing the coat as i didn’t earn the right to and i don’t mean any disrespect to the marines – please let me know if there’s any way i can return to coat to the marines or donate it to a marines family so that this lovely garment can go to someone who deserves it!

  2. As much as I love your videos… at 3:11 and following… THAT IS NOT A CORSET! It is not, in any way, shape or form, even close to corsetry. It is a tight-fitting top. A corset is a structure garment, meaning: It gives your body a structured shape plus it supports your bust and back. That there is a tight top with some basic boning. The boning channels are too little and positioned wrong to give actual support, plus the fabric would never be used in corsetry. This is corsetry-inspired AT BEST

  3. Idk why I havnt seen this before cuz I like stan bestdressdd from a long time but holy shitty boisterous bubbles this all from thrift stores is what we call magic

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