1. I know that Valentine's Day is tomorrow but wanted to post early in case anyone wanted some last minute gift ideas lolol! Everything that I tried on in this haul was legit SO CUTE so you guys should definitely pick something up for your gf or self hahaha. I'm also gonna be filming some new storytimes later today so get ready :))) THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! xoxo

  2. I need to know ur workout routine ‼️‼️ASAP🙌🏽 I have a 6 month old and while yes I’m losing weight well, I still need to get rid of the jiggley and the damn hump ur uterus leaves after it goes down😑

  3. YOU TALK TOO MUCH, AND SHOW TOO LITTLE !!! Oh, and if you get off the make-up, don't show us please, i will be screaming at night in horror….BLEAH !!!

  4. Pasties are so goddamn PATHETIC!! There are videos of girls shaving their pussy's and doing breast exams and NAKED yoga, but better not forget to wear pasties and show the outfits in a way that NO one would do in REAL life. Grow the FUCK up!!

  5. new friends here ally! i can say that your HOT en so gorgeous on that. that's IT, i'm pretty amaze on how you speak its so rushing hahahaha,but i love it. Take care and stay pretty. mwahhhhh! 😘😍😉 #Chinito Daddy.

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