37 thoughts on “HUGE Try-On Bikini Haul

  1. A day is coming when swimwear will not be amazing to you and this video will humiliate you.  You are not alone in this

  2. im not trying to be rude or negative when i say this but how old are you? because judging from your body it looks like you havent gone through puberty yet.

  3. Hey you probably won't answer this but I think a while ago you did a knock off triangle bathing suite haul thing and I can't find it. What website did you get those from? I've looked at just about every video on you tube and can't find the website

  4. Hey I know you're getting alot of comments on your back and I'm not going to ask why happened I just wanna say it was incredibly brave of you to post a video like this even with a big scar on your back I'm not sure if you had to overcome major insecurities but it's amazing either way

  5. I have a scar on my back from a birth mark removal and I've always been so self conscience of it so thanks for being so confident and showing me that you can still look super good! 😊

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