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Hey beeeech! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this savage x fenty try on haul and part 2 of my breast reduction!! Thank you so much Savage x Fenty for sponsoring this video!!! If you guys have any questions leave them below and I’ll try to answer as many as I can xo!
I went to Dr. Daniel Barett in Beverly Hills for my breast reduction!!!
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  1. I can't believe all the negative comments on this video fr. she looks absolutely gorgeous in all of these!!! yes it may be crinkled because she's probably not ironed it!!! if she feels nice in it let her bee

  2. You look beautiful in the dresses! WOWWW that BLACK one!! Adorable in the rompers! Very pretty in all the tops! The blue and white and polka dot you look really beautiful in!! And that lacy one wow beautiful! Nice body suit! White top pretty with the slacks! First black top pretty, second sexy!You look really in the shorts and skirt and dynamite in the pants. The skirt is pretty! Snakeprint set is PRETTY! Pants are really pretty! You are VERY PRETTY!!

  3. these clothes are cute and they fit you very well but… HOW on earth can you wear those in real life? They are so revealing and especially the item at 8:41 does not even stay in place at all?

  4. Princesspolly, Tobi, shein, sometimes showpo these type of online shops have really poor quality in clothing. The clothes tend to be ill fitting, see through and the texture and smell is terrible! Please invest in clothes that you will actually wear frequently. These do tend to be pricier but thrifting is an option. Your casual style in old videos was amazing and classy looking. In your recent ones all your clothes look the same and are almost always revealing…

  5. Hey Vivian! I was wondering if you would ever consider supporting sustainable fashion brands? It’s becoming a topic of discussion among lots of people now, and I was curious on your views of it and if it aligns with your brand! This isn’t meant to bash you but I was curious about your thoughts!

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