33 thoughts on “YOGA PANTS TRY ON HAUL | NEW Lupsona.com PART 1

  1. No stretchy pants please LOL. (50lbs. Later, it's still being worn.) Look great however on YOU, but not everyone. Stick to cutoffs and Mules. Love the tops. The "Jewelry for your body" is common in Miami and Puerto Rico, love that style, and the no bra club is hilarious…a second looker…

  2. I accidentally stumbled across your channel, but now I am a big fan of yours. This video is my favorite, I rate it a 10+ (on the 10-scale :-). You look great in these outfits. My favorites are the no-bra shirt and the blue yoga pants. Would also be a great combination, I think.

  3. I stumbled accidentally across your channel. Now I am addicted 😉 You're such a beautiful woman. I love your tight jeans video and also this one, especially the 'no bra club' shirt. Please keep up the good work.

  4. How dare you show off your body that god gave you in those yoga pants? You sinful bitch! Keep it for your husband!

    I'm joking! Just making fun of religious freaks and mental ill men!

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