22 thoughts on “ADULT TOY HAUL w/ discount code!!!!

  1. What shorty person you are. With your squinting and shot eating grin. … and you say this is your job… yet this only has 2k views… remind me of how much YouTube revenue that is…

  2. I find the strapless dildo/vibes are not fat friendly. Especially if there is a girthy fupa. That one you were handling was quite large though…they may be getting the message.

  3. can u do one called "He banged my muffin top and splattered my face like never before" if u don't know anything about that and would like to experience yourself just be warned i am a master blaster.

  4. OMG!!! I'm dying I laughed so much. Thank you for your videos and all about the toys. Your expressions and how you describe the toys is absolutely priceless. Very happy to see that youcare feeling and sounding better.

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